• A table with red wine and plates with various served dishes
  • Interior, tables, chairs, counter, bottles on shelves, lights, doors
  • Stuffed mushrooms, served, closeup



About us

Fratellos Italian Tavern is an American Italian restaurant located in Park Circle (N. Charleston) featuring Italian comfort cuisine with a menu driven by local seasonal ingredients and a homestyle feel. The word Fratello in Italian refers to fraternity or brother.

FOOD AND WINEOur menu features familiar Italian family favorites and daily specials that are sure to please. The wine list contains a selection of both an Italian and American varietals. We also have a seasonal craft cocktail list with Italian flare.CHEF KEVIN BRUNTZHailing from New Jersey, he brought his passion for cooking to Charleston in 1993. Fratellos Italian Tavern has been under his reins since 2010 along with the Tuorto Family.'We see customers as family and always there to make their experience warm and memorable whenever possible. Fratellos has an old school feel that reflects that home cooking of an Italian kitchen like the places we grew up with in New Jersey. Come and let my family feed and serve you and be part of our Fratellos Family!'